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New Year, New Music, New Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot believe it is 2018 already! In 2017 I am sure we all experienced highs, lows, and in-between. And if you are like me, then you experienced more highs than lows. This year our word is ELEVATE. Say it with me, E L E V A T E. I have discovered that in order for my students to be musically challenged, I have to present them with more challenging music, warm-ups, and activities. I desire for them to leave junior high school a better musician, citizen, and student. My students are excited and nervous about LGPE, as this will be their first year attending. Although we talk about it often as we are preparing in class, I asked them did they understand how serious it was. Of course, most of them said no. I told them to think of it as them rehearsing and preparing for the milestone, but for music. Eeeeeek! I have no doubt that they will receive Superiors or Excellents because they put forth the effort in class and BELIEVE that they can, so they will. Stay tuned for the next episode of Music Monday.

Have you set some goals in your classroom that you would like to share? Please feel free to email me at or comment in our comment section under this post. We would love to hear from you!

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